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We believe that investing in culture, education, the environment and tourism can change the future of our country and we seek to promote equal opportunities through community development and social integration. If you identify with these values  and want to help  change the reality of other people, come be a volunteer at Carabina Cultural!!!


An estimated 14 million young people and 10 million adults want to volunteer. With this potential engagement many problems that the government cannot resolve would be resolved.  


People can contribute with solidary and citizen actions, just as kindness and humanity are fundamental today. Volunteering goes further. It is a commitment to donate time, work and talent to projects and causes. It transcends a good deed!




Associação Carabina Cultural develops projects aimed preferably at small communities and districts that are characterized as socially, environmentally and/or economically vulnerable.


Currently, Carabina Cultural is developing a project to implement a "Community of Creative Collaboration" in Sarandira, district of Juiz de Fora, a rural community with a high level of socio-environmental vulnerability, which aims to transform the way communities can connect and interact build on its own potentials, becoming self-sustaining. This project aims to produce significant and measurable changes, offering support through events, lectures, workshops and planning to develop the ideas suggested by the community itself.


The project has been carried out since 2014 through meetings and creative actions after intense research focused on the development of innovative community ideas so that it can improve everyone's lives and produce the common good, incorporating the process of implementing social entrepreneurship through creative economy.


In practice, this means stimulating new activities within the community, developing an approach with immediate responses and creating a facilitator of ideas to support citizens that result from the injection of ideas, methods, approaches and practices, bringing a creative opening in the restructuring of local activities. .


The main activities carried out by the project are:




  3. AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION of documentaries about Sarandira's memory

  4. Elaboration of DISCLOSURE MATERIALS of the project's actions

  5. Realization of three editions of CINECLUBE SARANDIRA CRIATIVA

  6. INSTITUTIONAL VISITS to various bodies and potential project partners

  7. Elaboration and realization of the PARTICIPATORY INVENTORY OF SARANDIRA

  8. Celebration of the JUNINA DE SARANDIRA FESTIVAL

  9. Organization of the PRIMAVERA DE SARANDIRA event with CAFÉ COLLABORATIVO to discuss the result of the Participatory Inventory and its studies

  10. ACTIVITIES WITH THE CHILDREN on recyclable materials and the beginning of GYM ACTIVITIES

  11. Meeting with Sebrae and artisans for the development of LOCAL CRAFTS


  13. Conversation with Chef Fernando Cézar for the future execution of a FESTIVAL OF GASTRONOMY with a wood stove



  16. Inauguration of the SARANDIRA READING POINT

  17. Development of ENVIRONMENTAL MOBILIZATION AND AWARENESS to awaken the importance of improving water quality and environmental preservation through the event SARANDIRA SUSTENTÁVEL

  18. Conducting the TRAINING SURVEY for subsequent development of courses in partnership with Senar/MG

  19. Co-realization of the project "Vilas Brasileiras" - ARTISTIC RESIDENCE of the Instituto Amado de Belo Horizonte and inauguration of the "Circuito dos Murais Encantados de Sarandira"

  20. Internship agreement with CES/JF Psychology students coordinated by Prof. Conrado Pavel de Oliveira


In 2019, three more artistic residencies will be held in the district: Handmade Urban Furniture, Large Format Sculptures and Development of Creative Handicrafts. In addition, in January 2019 the TOURIST SURVEY for the district and region was started.


Currently, Carabina Cultural is coordinating fundraising for the renovation and restoration of the last HISTORICAL HOUSE OF SARANDIRA, a listed heritage that will later be transformed into a cultural, environmental and tourist center.



Promote community development through mobilization, articulation and partnerships between investors and social organizations.



To become a reference in sustainable, tourist, cultural and socio-environmental development management.



Sustainable development

Participative management




Collaboration and partnerships





Suzana Markusis a cultural manager, producer, director, editor, camera, VJ and actress. Bachelor in Tourism, specialist in Public Administration of Culture and in Training for Trainers of Managers in Tourism, events and cultural management. She is passionate about cinema, music and people's happiness. She serves as president of Associação Carabina Cultural and in carrying out audiovisual projects for Carabina Filmes, in addition to being an enthusiastic researcher of innovative and creative projects.


Eleika Furtado Rodriguesshe was a primary school teacher for 18 years, graduated in business administration from Faculdade Machado Sobrinho is a retired educational analyst. Passionate about books, crafts and the community, she is active with the Catholic Church of Sarandira. In addition to being very caring for others, she is a generous, active, competent woman who actively participates in the life of the community, she knows every inhabitant of Sarandira and, in addition to coordinating the project in Sarandira as vice president of the Association, she is the spokesperson for the project with the community.


Carlos Canelaholds a BA in Literature from UFV, a postgraduate degree in Marketing from Fundação Machado Sobrinho. Cinema is her passion and so is writing. He is a director and screenwriter of theatrical plays, visual artist, editor, director and screenwriter of audiovisual projects. Acts as financial director of Associação Carabina Cultural. It was he who designed the mural for the Sarandira fountain and is in charge of the reform and restoration of the Casarão de Sarandira.





Thaiza Gribel– scholarship holder of the Sarandira Criativa-UFJF project


Long live Sarandira! I feel honored and very happy to have known their characters up close and to have contributed to enhance so many beautiful stories. Suzana and Professor Bruno's effort to record and praise Sarandira in different spheres is commendable because it captured the essence of this village: a place of people proud of their land and customs (and with good reason!).


Nayara Martins– scholarship holder of the Sarandira Criativa-UFJF project


Contemplating the sunset from the top of the church of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, listening to the always cordial good morning / good afternoon / good night from the locals, observing the starry sky. It's those small and big moments that seem to be forgotten or go unnoticed in the "big city" that make the difference in our day. Life is about the seconds lived and not about those that pass on the clock. 1h and 30 minutes is the time I spend from Juiz de Fora to Sarandira. 1h and 30 minutes is the time I gain from the hustle and bustle to calm.


Elias Arruda– scholarship holder of the Sarandira Criativa project - UFJF


After more than a year of work I was able to verify what they had told me: the essence of the district is in the charisma and in welcoming people. Few were the places I had the privilege of arriving without knowing anything and leaving knowing a new world. Sarandira is a world apart, and residents need to realize that. Rare are the places where everyone knows each other, respects each other and lives in harmony. From Sarandira I want to take simplicity and the will to build an ever better society.





Prof. Dr. Bruno Fuser- coordinator of the project “Sarandira Criativa: community communication and citizenship in a rural district of Juiz de Fora” - Faculty of Communication - UFJF

Post-doctor in social communication, he developed the community communication project in Sarandira, coordinating the fellows since April 2015. Documentaries, murals  and monthly newspapers were developed, in addition to a notebook on the Sarandira Criativa project. He currently teaches at Unifesp in Guarulhos.





We need you. As a non-profit institution, Associação Carabina Cultural depends on voluntary work and donations to exist. Therefore, we are recruiting committed people, who love what they do and are interested and available to act in our cause, helping in the development and implementation of actions and projects.

To be a volunteer at Associação Carabina Cultural you must:


  • Be over 18 years old;

  • Define time and day available to carry out volunteer work;

  • Identify with the Institution's objectives and be aware that volunteer work is not casual and/or sporadic;

  • Respect and meet goals and deadlines;

  • Be responsible and committed (if you commit to us, fulfill your promise);

  • Be interested in arts, culture, tourism  and nature/environment.

  • Having experience is not necessary, however, the volunteer needs to have a desire to learn and determination to meet the objectives.

  • Below are the areas (sectors) in which  the volunteer can choose to work within the Sarandira Criativa project.

  • Within each area, there are activities to be carried out. We recommend that each volunteer choose, initially, one of the activities to carry out with the greatest possible focus.

  • Com o passar do tempo, caso o voluntário tenha disponibilidade pessoal e  interesse, o mesmo pode assumir novas responsibilities.



With love, dedication and commitment, the volunteers of Associação Carabina Cultural contribute to improving the quality of life of people in the community of Sarandira. Volunteers can participate in various activities. See which one suits you:



  • CENTRAL/ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT: act in the areas of information management, strategic and pedagogical planning, human resources, support to the entity's management in aspects related to volunteers, projects, financial area, management methodology , between others.


  • FUNDRAISING: Research national and international public notices, prepare and register projects in public notices, development and implementation of donation and service campaigns, products and special campaigns to attract sponsors, elaboration of a bank of companies, financiers, sponsors, product partnerships , make contacts, implement projects, etc. 


  • ADVOCACY AND ACCOUNTING: Seek information on citizens' rights and duties, to disseminate them in the community and supervise the competent bodies. Help the Association with the legal and accounting relationships of each project and with its central management.


  • COMMUNICATION/JOURNALISM/SOCIAL MEDIA: Developing and managing contacts with the press, creating content for the media, developing e creating articles about projects, improving and updating the Association's website. Creation of posts,  content and management of social media, creation of promotional material  (folders, press kits, etc.). Development, creation and management of advertising  campaigns (eg children's month, donation campaigns), maintenance of clipping about the project. Elaborate and implement a plan to publicize the actions of the Sarandira Criativa project.


  • VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEURS: Act as a volunteer trainer, promoting professional guidance for small virtual businesses, valuing local development, promoting the sale of solidary trade products in the district via the internet. 


  • POWERFUL WOMEN: Encourage actions that encourage women to seek alternatives for income generation and female empowerment. Visit the town hall, interview the councilors and find out about their proposals to help the women of Sarandira. Publicize that there are, in large cities, service centers for women, where they can report violence and have physical and psychological follow-up. Encourage young women to seek their socioeconomic development through education and work.


  • POWERFUL BLACKS: Racial empowerment actions. Encourage black production through various cultural, educational, environmental actions, art-education workshops. Facilitate meetings and black occupation. Workshops on Afro-Brazilian culture and history. Encouraging the role of black art, which is to create a vital power and cross the other in a way that is not only rational, but sensitive.


  • SOCIAL/CULTURAL/SPORTS PRODUCTION: plan and produce social, sporting and cultural events in the district. Develop projects for participation in funding notices.


  • LANDSCAPING: develop and execute a landscaping project for the central area of the district based or not on the works of Burle Marx who attended Sarandira in the 60's/70's. Look for partners to donate seedlings, organize planting and maintenance crowds.


  • ARCHITECTURE/URBANISM: develop and execute a project for a sustainable square in Sarandira. Guide heritage education in the district and the visual organization of grocery stores in Sarandira.


  • AGROECOLOGY/AGRONOMY: guide and monitor the development of the community garden in Sarandira, planting non-conventional vegetables, organize and promote food education activities aimed at the full use of the organic garden, its commercialization and maintenance. Partnership with Emater and others.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING: Elaborate diagnosis and actions in relation to the treatment and preservation of water in the district. Construction of biodigestive tanks. Encourage planting trees. Guidance on how to set up a home compost bin. Guide selective collection and publicize the benefits of biodegradable or recyclable products. Carry out cleanup and reforestation efforts in squares, riparian forests and roads. Plan presentations, lectures, workshops on environmental preservation. Plan and develop material for environmental education, locate and apply for public notices to enable larger projects on education and environmental awareness in the district.


  • CIVIL ENGINEERING: Elaborate, execute and monitor the reform project of the Casarão de Sarandira to be transformed into a cultural/environmental center and tourist service.


  • TOURISM: Plan and execute a tourism development project in Sarandira.


  • AUDIOVISUAL: Elaboration and production of videos, video editing for institutional campaigns, making of and promotional videos for the Association's projects.


  • PHOTOGRAPHY​: ​ assist with organizing Association archives, select and edit photographs of events in the district, plan photo expeditions to create stories related to nature conservation, develop and promote a birdwatching guide, with the aim of promoting sustainable practice and starting this activity in Sarandira.


  • PERFORMING ARTS (ACTORS/CLOWNS) AND STORYTELLERS: planning and execution of educational, cultural, environmental actions and to encourage reading in the community.


  • CRAFT: craft workshops for the community.


  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: planning, guidance and monitoring of physical activities for the community.


  • DOCTORS/HEALTH AGENTS: Encourage and hold educational workshops for pregnant women. Conduct information, mobilization and prevention campaigns on AIDS and other epidemic diseases. Encourage blood donation. Use of medicinal herbs. Sensitize the community not to encourage the consumption of licit and illicit drugs by children and adolescents, helping to prevent alcoholism and its consequences.


  • STUDENTS/PROFESSIONALS FROM VARIOUS AREAS: tell us your vocation and there will always be an action to be taken. Proposing actions are also welcome for community development! If you have to do a mandatory internship, come and do it in Sarandira! We know you are CREATIVE!


You can also help a lot by inviting friends, neighbors, companies and institutions to participate in the Sarandira Criativa project.


The success of a volunteering project depends on the people involved and the partnerships established.


You can define the time that will be dedicated to the project, including a lot of things can be done remotely and virtually, right? But don't forget the main thing, which is to be responsible for fulfilling tasks and communicating with the rest of the team at all times.


Come and be part of this experience of citizenship and solidarity!

Volunteer! Register using this form:

Contact with Suzana: Whatsapp (31) 99611-8484