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Carabina is an audiovisual production company that was founded on September 20, 2007 by partners Carlos Canela and Suzana Markus, although it has been producing informally since 2000.


It has extensive experience in filmmaking with more than thirty audiovisual projects carried out (shortfeaeturedocumentaries), such as the DOCTV “O Canto da Araponga” and the award-winning short “O Homem da Cabeça de Papelão”, produced more than twenty institutional films, among them PROJETO DOIS IRMÃOS – Conservation and sustainable use, CANTANDO COISAS DE AMOR - LIRA SANTO ANTÔNIO - video in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Lira Santo Antônio de Campos Altos/MG, HISTÓRIA VIVA – CONJUNTO JARDIM FELICIDADE by Fundação AVSI, among others.

In 2020, it completed its first feature film "Behind the eyes of serious girls", in partnership with Cia. Pierrot Lunar, based on the novel by Edmundo de Novaes, "Falar".

It produced several artistic events (theatre, dance, music, exhibitions, shows, festivals), such as FIT – Belo Horizonte International Theater, Stage and Street Festival, Sesi Meeting of Performing Arts in Araxá, International Festival of Choirs Corearte Brasil, ECUM -  World Meeting of the Performing Arts, idealization of the Cineclube Curta Circuito Project of the Curta Minas Association and several WORKSHOPS of audiovisual production. In 2021, it held the first edition of the Sarandira Environmental Film Festival - SaranCine.


In addition, it performed important theatrical productions, such as “Sgroft, Heretica ou Nobody” (2009) and “I go up to forget what I can no longer see from below” (2013/2015). With a qualified team, it has also been creating and executing large cultural, social and tourist projects, combining creativity, innovation and sustainability, through effective and differentiated planning.


Graduated in Literature from UFV (Federal University of Viçiosa), postgraduate in Marketing from Fundação Machado Sobrinho, director and screenwriter of theatrical plays, visual artist, editor, director and screenwriter of short and feature films. In 2020, he completed his first feature film "Behind the eyes of serious girls", directed the award-winning 35 mm shorts "O Homem da Cabeça de Papelão", "Dois Lados" and "Bailarina" - best short film from Minas Gerais in 2002 (II Mostra Curta MInas). He also scripted and directed the documentary for TV – “O Canto da Araponga” – a project selected at I DOC TV in Minas Gerais. He made more than twenty short films, in addition to having participated as assistant director and director of photography in several other productions, including fiction films and documentaries.

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Suzana Markus is a producer, director, editor, camera operator, VJ and actress. Bachelor in Tourism, specialist in Public Administration of Culture, in Solidarity Enterprises, in Tourism Management, in Training for Trainers of Managers in Tourism, in Events and Cultural Management. Professionally, her current interests are focused on the creative development of small communities, in addition to acting in the area of cultural events, tourism and other diverse areas of the creative economy by Associação Carabina Cultural, carrying out audiovisual projects by Carabina Filmes, in addition to being an enthusiastic researcher of innovative and creative projects.

Graduated in Tourism from Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, specialist in Economic Solidarity Enterprises, Public Administration of Culture, screenwriter, director, editor, actress, producer of cultural events, short and feature films. As screenwriter and director, she made the short films “ATUP”, “Alígero”, “Borracha Grafite”, among others. He produced and assisted the director in more than fifteen films, including shorts, features and documentaries, such as "Behind the eyes of the serious girls", "O Homem da Cabeça de Papelão", "Bailarina", "Negócio Fechado", "The Canto da Araponga” and others.


Nominated for the best actress award by Sated/Simparc 2009. She produced dozens of cultural events such as Coordination of Street and Stage shows at FIT/BH, 21st and 22nd Sesi Meeting of Performing Arts in Araxá, “Corpo Santo is the body of each one”, Circo Sesi, Festival I Love Jazz, in addition to having produced and acted in several theater shows, among them “Sgroft, Heretica ou Nobody” and “I go up to forget what I can no longer see from below”. She is currently president of Associação Carabina Cultural and manager of the "Sarandira Criativa" project.

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